In Terry’s Kitchen

CLIENT: Terry Paetzold, Culinary Professional

SCOPE: Web Design and Production. WordPress CMS.
In Terry’s Kitchen is a vibrant and sophisticated home-based cooking school. The new website is up to par with the quality of its offerings, it is as inviting as the kitchen itself and is also able to keep up with the busy class schedule.


TESTIMONIAL: “When I approached Paula and shared my frustration about road blocks I had come up against in finding help for designing a website, I received a warm and supportive response which took me a little off guard. It is rare these days to find an individual who listens well, who shares generously, and works hard to give you the result you imagine. The end product, a beautiful website, represents her keen technological knowledge, artistic eye, and remarkable ability to translate one’s tastes and vision. I highly recommend Paula as a talented web designer, a a responsible business person, and a patient and thoughtful individual with whom to work.”
Terry Paetzold

The original website

The original website


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September 4, 2013