Erin Donley


CLIENT: Erin Donley, Marketing Consultant

SCOPE: Web Design and Production. WordPress CMS. Business Card Design.

TESTIMONIAL: “For years, I dreamed of a website that could market my truth, function efficiently, and be a VISUAL representation of my personality and mission. I wanted it to be place where prospective clients could visit and say, ‘Oh yeah, this feels right, this fits my style — I want to work with THIS woman!’ Paula was able to capture what I couldn’t see for myself ! She took my images, content, articles, and videos and pulled together brilliantly… in a first class, high functioning way that I’m proud to call Building any website can be tough and often emotional. Paula’s ability to lead the process and communicate clearly, succinctly, and kindly was wildly appreciated. She even ‘pushed back’ when an idea would go in the wrong direction — which saved us time and kept things focused. In the end, she handed the website over to me — with an in-person lesson and a printed tutorial about updating and editing without her. I recommend Paula’s expertise to those who want the website of their dreams — those with a high-standard of excellence in what they do and with whom they work.”
Erin Donley


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May 27, 2013