I’m a web artist and I work with businesses that need online help.

Together, we create a virtual identity that unveils their originality, shows their commitment to quality, and makes them stand out above the others.

Have you ever had heard a song that made you cry? Or maybe you saw a play that gave you goose bumps? These moments when art and emotions collide — and we’re changed — are my fuel as a designer.

This is the response I hope to generate with each website I design and the connection I hope your clients will make with your business. Your website will become a window into your world and your customers will feel like they know you.

My relationship with art goes way back. Ever since I can remember I was drawn to color. As a little girl, I would spend endless hours drawing and coloring, and started taking painting classes as early as 8. To this day, I remember loving the distinct smell of oil painting laced with linseed oil. As a teenager, I discovered theatre, classical music and opera and instantly became an “art nerd.” It was the vibrancy and magic of the theatre that drew me into the design world and pointed me to a Theater Design degree in college. Making 3-d models and designing costumes was just as rewarding and exciting as analyzing and understanding the psyche of the characters, the relationships among them—both physical and subliminal— and ultimately the relationship with the viewers.

18 random facts about me

I’ve always been fascinated with the impact that a visual piece can have on the viewer and how that impact can be affected by intentional design choices.

Designing websites is not much different. I bring the experience that designing for theatre gave me in influencing (or entertaining) the viewer and creating an emotional connection to the world of web design to help you reach your audience in an insightful and effective way.